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Truepush Features


Get detailed reports on your campaign performance with our dashboard.


Automate your notifications in just a few clicks!


Reach the right people at the right time with a targeted push campaign.


Triggers are timely notifications that work on certain user interactions on the website.

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Add additional revenue channel to your website with our push ads.
Save upto $1200/month on engaging your users with Truepush tool.

5 mins Setup

Our users have to follow simple steps to get started with push notifications.

Automate Notifications

Send push notifications about every new update using Triggers and RSS to push.


Truepush provides API integration for websites, Wordpress and Shopify plugins.

Easy Migration

Migrate your subscribers easily from previous push notification service without prompting opt-in.

Reasons to use Truepush

Real-time Analysis

View detailed report of every push notification campaign from Truepush dashboard.

24X7 Customer Support

We are always in reach for our users to assist at every level. Chat with us, send email or schedule meeting.

High Scalability

We send billions of push notifications everyday without any delay. So, don’t worry about reaching your subscribers.

How it Works

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Register to Truepush and log in using your credentials.

Create Project

Fill in the details of your projects. Add as many projects as you want.

Integrate Code

Integrate code within just a few minutes.

Send a Push Notification

you send your notifications, we will take care of ads revenue.

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About Us?

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Push notifications are a direct communication channel to increase engagement, retention and conversions. It builds the user relationship and keeps the brand at the user's top of mind. You can send valuable, relevant and timely updates to the targeted audiences. The push messages show high click, view and open rates when compared with other marketing channels.

Truepush is a trusted & free browser push notification service. The advanced features like intelligent segmentation, RSS to Push, Triggers, Easy migration, Real-time analysis, opt-in styles, and customizable welcome notifications are the foremost reason for its scores over other services. Also, the integration of the push service takes 5 mins and has a simple user interface.

Migrating users from your previous push service to Truepush is simple. Your existing subscribers will automatically migrate once they visit your website after you integrate Truepush code into the website. They don’t need to accept the opt-in prompt again as they are your previous subscribers.

Websites always search for new ways of using push notifications to engage their subscribers. Thoughtful use of this powerful marketing tool can boost your website traffic and conversions. Keep an eye on opt-in styles, segmentation, timing, content relevancy, rich media, CTA buttons and others to get all benefits of push notifications.

Truepush being a free forever push notification service provides all advanced features which include

  • Unlimited Push Notification Campaigns
  • Supports HTTP & HTTPS
  • Multi-browser support
  • RSS to Push
  • Intelligent Segmentation
  • Unlimited Trigger notifications
  • Schedule notifications
  • Real-time analytics of campaigns
  • Opt-in Styles

Truepush free push notification service supports multiple browsers and increases the chances of the website reaching users. Our push service supports

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Samsung Internet

The Truepush free forever plan saves your budget in engaging & retaining users. You can save up to $1200/month using our push notification service. The advanced features make your push notifications more relevant & well timed in reaching targeted audiences. We are glad for the user's trust in our service and consistently staying with us. Check out our client's case studies to know how Truepush helped them in boosting website traffic and engage users.