Before starting off with the Truepush data migration process, let us get a basic understanding of the push notification service subscription process and what exactly happens in the background.

When a visitor visits a website, they would receive an opt-in prompt that seeks their permission for subscribing to the push notifications. All the users who click on the “Allow” button will become a part of your subscriber list. 

A website works only with one service worker, which manages the communication through push notifications for the subscribed users. When a user ought to receive the notification, this service worker file will fetch the notification details, display it on the user’s screen, and redirect to the landing page link provided on the notifications. 

The service worker file might vary from one platform to another. Here, at Truepush we refer to it as an sw.js file that has to be placed in the root directory. 

Every subscription is linked to the domain the user is subscribed to. Therefore, it is important that the subscriptions are taken on your own domain and not on someone else’s. 

How HTTPS websites can migrate their subscribers from other web push notification platforms like OneSignal, PushCrew, iZooto, PushEngage, etc. to Truepush without losing any significant subscriber base? 

Note- With our service, subscriber migration is not possible in the case of HTTP integrations.

The Truepush Data Migration Process: 

There are two codes that need to be integrated into your website. One is the service worker file i.e. sw.js and the other is the SDK code.

As soon as you update the service worker file (sw.js) and SDK code on your website, the Truepush service will be activated on your website. Upon activation, the new visitors will receive an opt-in prompt and the existing subscribers would just need to visit the website once to automatically start receiving the notifications. 

Wondering what about the users who have already subscribed to your website? How will they be able to view the pop-up notification again? 

The answer is, no. Your current list of subscribers will not be prompted with the pop-up notification again for the subscription. What happens is that the information in the service worker file is updated on the user’s browser that the service that is sending the notification has changed. You can send notifications to your current list of subscribers using the Truepush service.

And, when users visit the website at least once after Truepush code integration they get migrated to Truepush.

The migration of your entire subscriber list depends upon your share of repeat traffic. The higher your repeat traffic, the faster the migration will be. 

The important point to be noted:

You cannot use both the tools i.e. old push platform and Truepush to send notifications in order to maintain the same subscriber count without any significant drop in the count. 

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