GetMyUni is an ed-tech platform backed by Times Internet, reforming the college admissions space in India. This platform aims at providing an online booth for students who want to pursue their dream careers by helping them make the right academic choices. 

GetMyUni provides information about top colleges, courses, exams, admissions, and scholarships, etc. This college search platform is among the top choices of the students and empowers them across the nation to choose their best suitable college based on the reviews, ranks in various exams, and other vital parameters  

The challenges-

Visitors hop on to the website to search for information that they are interested in. For example, a person who wants to do engineering would surf for the information related to it i.e., engineering colleges, courses, fee structure, reviews, etc. To hook this category of people under one roof and continuously keep them posted by sending them relevant notifications is the real challenge.

How GetMyUni is using Truepush to engage their users

1. Segmentation is the key to engagement!

To push out user-specific information, it becomes crucial to understand which audience should be a target for a piece of specific information. The user segmentation helps in getting better results rather than pointing it to your entire subscriber base. 

Segmentation is an active process of communication through which one can identify and understand the groups. This process saves time and effort since the messages or the information is directly delivered to those who are interested in it.  

With the help of the Truepush audience segmentation feature, GetMyUni segmented its audience based on the user’s interest and the geographical location. Since GetMyUni is a college search portal, they are required to segment the visitors depending on the colleges they visit and the courses they look for. 

Truepush provides unlimited segmentation options, which allowed the college portal to categorize the visitors under various categories. 

Audience Segmentation
Audience segmentation

Sangeeth, Digital Marketing Manager at GetMyUni, shares valuable feedback about Truepush on how audience segmentation helped them in user-specific targeting. 

Sangeeth Digital Marketing Executive
Sangeeth, Digital Marketing Manager at GetMyUni

“Truepush is an amazing product with precise targeting features. It’s Geo-targeting and segmentation feature based on the user interest helps us to target the audience with the relevant information. Earlier with OneSignal, we’ve lost a lot of subscribers, thanks to this targeting feature which helped us save from the loss”. 

2. Including rich push notification as a part of their push strategy 

The consistent engagement is the key to your success. Once the audience building kicks in, it is essential to develop a strategy to engage the audience with push notifications that can achieve maximum click through rates

GetMyUni sends rich push notifications with precise notification text and uses a big image option available from the Truepush dashboard to make it more appealing. 

Welcome Notifications
Welcome Notification

Rich Push Notifications
Rich Push Notification

A rich push notification will most likely acquire the maximum number of click-through rates.

Outcome- Growing bigger and bigger!

Growing audience
Growing audience

GetMyUni is now close to half a million subscribers and acquires more than 4000 subscribers a day. The continuous engagement with the audience by sending rich push notifications has allowed them to achieve this super milestone. This college search portal holds an overall website monthly traffic of more than 2 million visits. It has seen an increase in the monthly traffic from 1.06M to 2.06M in one month.

2.00M Monthly traffic
2.00M monthly traffic

Realizing the true potential of this free push notification tool, they have recently added another platform of the same functionality- The College Monk.

The College Monk is an online educational portal that aims at helping students to choose the right university, which is best suited for all their educational needs. 

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