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Exams Planner is a website where they are focused to assist students and help them build their dream without facing any kind of hardship during the odyssey. They offer detailed information about Government exams, competitive exams, and entrance exams and also share handy tips to prepare smartly. Here is an interview with Exams Planner, sharing their experience on how they reached diverse users, increased conversion, and implemented re-engagement strategies using Truepush.

What is your website? Can you narrate us the story behind building it? (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)


Interview with Prakhar Rastogi, Founder of ExamPlanner
Interview with Prakhar Rastogi, Founder of ExamsPlanner

Our Website is ExamsPlanner

ExamsPlanner was started in 2017 with a goal to provide all essential and required information for students who are preparing for different competitive exams in different regions of India. We feel that there should be a solution that can provide all the helpful resources, latest notifications from relevant exams/boards/universities, and provide them the correct guide in order for them to prepare their exams in a better direction. After many surveys we found the information available on the internet is either halfway, or mostly irrelevant or not updated for a long duration. We are working on solving this by currently catering more than 230 Exams, more than 300 Scholarships, and with daily updated news which is only as per official sources and websites. We don’t market our readers with any irrelevant services or products as we don’t want to hamper their preparation and we are focused on keeping ExamsPlanner delivering the correct and up-to-date information for the readers.

What are the various growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

We are focused on Organic reach and thus Google, Facebook, and Push notifications are our prime source to reach students and our readers. We have good returning users because of our relevant and up-to-date information which helps us in boosting our reach. We involve various other funnel marketing and other marketing channels as required for every part of the website.

Do you think customer retention is crucial for businesses? How do push notifications help in it?

Yes absolutely, though our prime aim is not to sell anything we aid our readers with fresh and updated information. The push notifications help in various ways, Many users don’t check websites or apps frequently and the push notifications are just helpful in such very scenarios. We understand our audience and we deliver them required information via Push notifications or SMS (in few cases) in order for them to get the latest updates on the exams they are subscribed to. There are various filters and segmentation options in TruePush which helps us to the next level in order for us to deliver our message to the accurate and right audience.

How do you plan out your push notification strategy? What are the parameters you consider while building it?

We focus on delivering relevant segment push notifications only, as I mentioned we have no selling aim and we believe in relevant data delivery which is our core essence. We try to send a push notification for any recent update as earliest and as prompt as possible. But we never blast them day and night, We understand the sensitive hours and try to keep it as low as possible in order for readers to get relevant information useful instead of making a brain mess for them with lots of notifications.

What is the most used push notification feature, and how it helped you in getting more conversion rates?

Segments have been my favorite option but triggers as well are handy in some cases. It solely depends on the nature of the business, Truepush already has it all and that too with easy to navigate options. Our website caters to multiple categories like – Exams, News, Articles, Scholarships, Colleges, etc. And under them, we have different other breakdowns like under Exams we have – MBA, Engineering, Teaching, Medical, etc. So these segments are a really important part of our system Because we want Medical students to get medical exams related notifications only and so on. It really helps in maintaining and streamlining our business and also maintain a good conversion rate.

How long have you been using Truepush, and how is it helping you achieve your business goals?

Its been a few months, but we are already enjoying using it and wish I would have found it earlier. The reason being – Good customer support which is rare to find, and easy to use, and no spam to my customers. We have tried different services in the past and they used to send their notifications and spam our User base which was a really upsetting situation for us.

Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

Truepush team is already doing a really great job, there are no suggestions as of now for you guys. I will just hope that you can streamline the same focus and dedication towards the business and deliver the same quality and support forever, so I don’t need to move to another service again.


After using Truepush features like Segments and Triggers it has been very helpful for Exam Planners to deliver their latest updates to the users who aspire to appear. In a span of 3 months the click rate has been increased to 4.94%.

How Segments and Triggers helped Exams Planner in maintaining a good conversion rate

This really helps in maintaining and streamlining their business and also maintains a good conversion rate. They try to send a push notification for any recent update as earliest and as prompt as possible using Truepush free push notification service.

We also assure you don’t need to move to any other service again

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